Image Gallery Added To The Bimini Project

Image Gallery Added To The Bimini Project

the Gun Club Resort pool

We have finally updated our site with our first images gallery. The images shown here have never been released before.

Bimini is very beautiful and so is the surrounding waters with its turquoise color schemes. The changing light as well as tides makes for continuous changes in the visual experience of the fantastic area. We hope that you will enjoy the images.

Our first gallery consist of images solely captured by Mikkel Pitzner (all rights reserved).

Click here to enjoy the first Bimini Project gallery

Welcome to The Bimini Project

Welcome to The Bimini Project.

The Bimini Project is about the study of the ancient coast line off the coast of the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas.

The Bimini Project has been under way for some time, but most notably the dives commenced in spring of 2010 and this site was given life finally with this first post.

Thank you for visiting and do please come back to follow us and the development of the story and advancement and the knowledge we will gather. Or better yet – sign up in our list, so we can keep you informed automatically.